Inventory for Japanese Chemical oceanographic Data
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During the international projects to survey the global ocean circulation, such as WOCE and JGOFS, oceanological data has been observed by lots of cruises, and analyzed by many scientists in the world. To share huge datasets, whether it becomes public or not, data quality control is needed. Observation tools have been improved and automated, and data quality has become much uniformed. However, still it is influenced by platform, analysis method, reference materials and many other insidents, which are different among cruises. Therefore, these information should be needed to compare and to intercalibrate the data obtained by different observations. Such background information of data is called "metadata".

Metadata format and its item have not been defined, and volume of them much depend on data originator. Old data has less metadata, because it is too difficult to search old cruise report published decades before. Recent projects are decided to open their data after few years from cruises with metadata. Even if the cruises was not a part of project, metadata has accompanied for data exchange among scientists' group in a group's manner (e.g., CARINA for the north Atlantic). While metadata imvolves such optionality, metadata can be indivisual information for each cruise, therefore, several keywords are selected from metadata to construct a database of cruise, which can be used as a data catalog linked with cruise information. This data catalog is named as "data inventory".

Data inventory is available to search data, because keywords from metadata are proper to the cruise. It is also useful to confirm whether the data is opened or not, even if the data is scarttered inside the institutes, or is remained in a computer or paper notes of scientists. Therefore, data inventory is able to be a connection of data, and be a catalyst of data exchange among scientists.

To encourage the data exchange among scientists applying the data inventory as a tool of data integration of Japanese chemical oceanographic data, a working group was established in July, 2000. Inventory for Japanese Chemical oceanographic Data (IJCD) is a name of data inventory produced by the working group. IJCD working group is organized by 17 members from 13 research institutes in Japan. Now IJCD includes totally 144 cruises for Japanese chemical oceanographic observations.

At first, IJCD was aimed on CO2-related data, such as dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), fCO2, pH, and total alkalinity (TAlk). Now the target of IJCD is extended to other chemical variables, dissolved oxygen (DO), nutrients, and chemical tracers (CFCs, SF6, isotopes, etc.). IJCD has been constructed as a data catalog, which is not linked with real data. However, there is a plan to be a database linked with open data in Japan Oceanographic Data Center (JODC).

IJCD working group cooperate with scientists, mainly from National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC), Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC) in US and Institution of Ocean Science (IOS) in Canada. Also play important role in PICES WG13 (will continue to WG17 from 2002) and CO2 data integration workshop (PICES/TCODE CO2 Data Integration Workshop). Based on IJCD, a data inventory for PICES, PICES CO2 related data integration for the north Pacific (PICNIC), is now constructed.

We welcome your cooperation and contribution to the IJCD activities and our data inventory. If you are interested in our activities, please contact us freely at